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Post-award guidelines for all project directors

The following checklist provides a summary of those steps and additional information and guidelines that must be followed by every TPS Midwest Region grant recipient.

Download a PDF Copy of the Post-Award Guidelines here.

First steps

  1. Complete the Subrecipient Form and return to the TPS Midwest Region director, Judy Bee at
  2. Submit a brief description of your project to be added to the TPS Midwest Region website and to the TPS Teachers Network.
  3. Join the TPS Midwest Region Group on the TPS Teachers Network and start a discussion by posting a brief description of your project. All project directors from the TPS Midwest Region have been encouraged to join this group and engage in conversation with others about their project. Follow the link find out more about how to join the TPS Teachers Network
  4. Return the signed Subrecipient Form to the TPS Midwest Region director. You or the person identified as your institution’s business official will receive a Subaward Agreement document from Illinois State University’s Research and Sponsored Programs Office.
  5. Join the TPS Consortium. The Library of Congress requires each subrecipient to join the Teaching with Primary Sources Consortium for at least the duration of their grant. We hope you will find your participation in the Consortium rewarding and encourage you to continue participating beyond your grant cycle. Follow the link below and complete the requested information in the questionnaire.

Project communication guidelines

  • Include the following acknowledgement of TPS funding in promotional and grant-related materials:

    “This {insert the name of your activity, program, workshop, product etc.} is sponsored in part by the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Midwest Region Program, located at Illinois State University. Content created and featured in partnership with the TPS Midwest Region does not indicate an endorsement by the Library of Congress.
  • Refer to the Library of Congress as the “Library” after the initial reference. Without exception, do not refer to the Library of Congress by an acronym, such as “LC” or “LOC.”

    Examples: “As the nation’s oldest federal cultural institution, the Library of Congress …”
    “Recently, the Library announced a new poet laureate …”
  • Refer to Teaching with Primary Sources as TPS after the first mention.

  • Refrain from the use of the Library of Congress or TPS logo. The use of the Library’s logo is not permitted.

  • Follow the suggested guidelines when using primary source images from the Library of Congress in external communications. The suggested guidelines:

    • Sources are digitally available from
    • Sources are linked to the item record or include a citation on the same page

Ongoing project management

  • Follow the required report formatting guidelines and sample forms, which can be found at TPS Grants.

  • Require your participants to complete a questionnaire. The Library of Congress has created a TPS Post-event Participant Questionnaire to be administered upon completion of your TPS professional development activity, program, workshop, etc. Please have your participants complete the survey at the end of your professional development.

  • Submit reimbursement requests monthly or quarterly. Your reimbursement request must be in the form provided to you in your subaward agreement. All receipts and appropriate supporting documents must be available at your institution in the unlikely event of an audit. More details about supporting documentation for your invoice can be found at TPS Grants.

    Please submit your invoice to Dr. Judy Bee via email.

  • Submit a final report and project materials and/or any products created by your project electronically to Dr. Judy Bee within 30 days of project completion. You will be contacted each quarter and asked to complete a quarterly report for any activities or events that you provided leadership for that related to your TPS grant. We appreciate your willingness to complete this task in an effort to determine your project’s sustainability efforts beyond its funding cycle.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

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