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Format and Examples

Proposal Format

Please use the following guidelines when drafting your project proposal.

Project Title

Include a descriptive title for your project.

Project Narrative

5-page maximum, at least an 11-point font


  • Organization name and location
  • Current professional development programs
  • Partners or collaborating organizations
    • What individuals or organizations will be working with you on this project?
    • What are their roles within this project?


  • Rationale for your project
  • Project goals
  • Project objectives
  • Project Plan—
    • Target audience
      • Location
      • Number of educators
      • Targeted subject(s) taught
      • Grade levels
      • Relationship with target audience
      • Recruitment plan
    • How will you reach your goals and objectives?
      • What format (e.g., online, in person, etc.) will be used for training?
      • What TPS materials will be incorporated?
    • Expected Outcomes
      • What projects (e.g., lesson plans, learning activities, primary source sets, or journals) will participants complete?
    • Dissemination Activities
      • How will you share the outcomes?
    • Sustainability
      • How will you continue to introduce teachers to TPS materials and methods beyond the funding cycle?

Project Evaluation

How will you determine the success of your project?

Project Timeline

Refer to Project Timeline.

Budjet and Justification

3-page maximum. Indicate the costs associated with implementing your proposed project (see Budget and Budget Justification). Include source(s) of the required 20% match.



The roles and background of staff who will work on your proposed project. Include a vita (2-page limit) for the project director that includes name, title, business address, telephone number, and email address. Include biographical paragraphs for other staff.

Authorized Financial Representative

Business address:
Telephone number:
Email address:

Supporting Documentation

Examples: letter(s) of support, workshop agendas, advertisements, participant application forms, etc.

Submit your completed proposal and supporting documentation to Dr. Richard Satchwell at You will receive a reply confirming delivery within a few business days.

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