Lesson Seven

Create a Primary Source Lesson


In this course you have focused on strengthening your knowledge and ability to use primary sources in your curriculum and classroom activities. In this lesson, you will be creating a lesson plan that focuses on primary sources and includes historical background.


  • Create a lesson using primary sources by following best practices and a backward design approach.
  • Include any historical background that other educators or students will need to know to bring more meaning to your lesson.
  • Give a 3 to 5 minute presentation summarizing your lesson plan integrating primary sources.

Activity 1

You will need to click on "Lesson 7, Activity 1 Lesson Plan Template"  or find the template in the Resources and Materials link on the left. Be sure to add historical background information on the page labeled "Historical Background".

Sample lessons showing different ways to provide historical background for your lesson:




To Submit Activity:

Click on the "Assignments" link on the left. Click on the correct assignment. Under Submissions, click on "Browse"/"Choose File". Find "Lesson 7, Activity 1" saved on your computer. Click on the file and click Open. The name of the file will appear below "Attachments". Click on the "Submit" button.