Lesson Two

Advanced Search Strategies


There are many ways to search for information on the Library of Congress website and it varies depending on your topic, search terms and the kinds of resources you are looking for. In the Digital Collections section, digitized items have been gathered into collections making it easier to find resources on a particular topic/theme. There are currently over 100 collections and the number continues to grow. Besides searching in Digital Collections, the Library also provides "Research Centers". Items found when searching this way may or may not be included in the American Memory collections. As a teacher, starting on the link for  Teachers will provide you a wealth of resources already gathered on topics frequently taught in K-12 curriculum. Regardless of what you are looking for, it is usually best to use several search strategies to locate the resources that you need. It is important to realize that this is different than using keyword searches on the Internet. The Library of Congress is a historical archive and you will need to think about subjects and terms used during the time period you are searching.


  • Search Digital Collections
  • Search within collections
  • Search the Library of Congress website using Google Advanced Search
  • Use the Research/Reading Rooms



Activity 1

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Activity 2

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