Lesson Three

Reviewing the Basics


Once you begin integrating primary sources into your instruction on a regular basis, it will be important to have a means to organize and save your resources so you can find them easily. One way to manage your resources is by creating a table in your word processing program. As you complete your learning experience, you will be required to correctly cite your sources so that you are in compliance with fair use and copyright laws. You will also be required to submit the permanent URLs to the primary sources used in your learning experience so that others can easily find them. In this lesson we will review how to make a table, copy and paste a picture into a table, cite a primary source, and find and save a permanent URL


• Understand the importance of a management system for saving primary sources
• Make a table for saving primary sources
• Save the permanent URL for a digital primary source
• Correctly cite a digital primary source from the Library of Congress web site

Activity 1

Click on the following link to complete the online module about Copyright and Primary Sources.


Click on the following link to view a copyright activity you could use with your students.


* Go to Activity 2.

Activity 2

In this activity you will be creating a table to manage your primary resources providing thumbnail image, description, citation, and permanent URL.

1. Click on Creating a Resource Table or check the course packet. Use these directions to create your resource table. Save the table to your desktop. Click on Citing Primary Sources if you need additional information about citing primary sources from the Library of Congress website.

2. Click on "Lesson 3, Activity 2 Creating a Resource Table" to download the file. Save the file to your computer.  You can also click on the "Assignments" link on the left to access the file

3.After completing this activity, save your file to your desktop.

4. Submit your completed "Lesson 3, Activity 2 - Completed Table" to jbee@ilstu.edu as an attachment.



*Go to Lesson 4.

If you need help with this activity, please contact Judy Bee (jbee@ilstu.edu).