Lesson Seven

Putting It All Together


By now you should know how to navigate the Library of Congress web site, access primary sources, manage your sources with a resource table, understand the importance of standards. It's time to put it all together into a meaningful, standards-based lesson plans for your students.


  • Develop a lesson plan that integrates primary source materials found at the Library of Congress web site.
  • Complete the lesson plan template provided.
  • Share your lesson plan with your colleagues.


Activity 1

The questions below will help guide you through the process of developing a standards-based lesson plan that integrates primary source materials found on the Library of Congress web site.

  • Can this lesson be successful without the use of primary resources?
  • What standards does this lesson facilitate?
  • What primary sources will I integrate from the Library of Congress website?
  • Does this lesson engage students in active learning, develop critical thinking skills and construct knowledge?
  • What do I want my students to know?
  • What is the essential question?
  • How will they demonstrate their understanding of the material?
  • What skills will they need to accomplish the tasks?
  • What activities will be used to guide students to be successful on the assessment?
  • Will you be collaborating with a colleague? What is the role of that colleague?

If your answer to the first question (can we successfully do this activity without the use of primary resources?) is yes, STOP and rethink this lesson plan. It is imperative the you generate a lesson plan that integrates primary resources in a meaningful way. If you can take away the primary resources and successfully complete this lesson plan, please rethink the lesson.

1. After reflecting on these questions and exploring the Library of Congress web site click on the link "Lesson 7, Activity 1, Lesson Plan Template" to download the file. Save the file to your computer.  You can also click on the "Assignment" link on the left to access the file.

2.  Before you begin your lesson review the TPS Lesson Plan Guidelines. Click on TPS Lesson Plan Guidelines. Use these guidelines to help you develop a standards-based lesson that integrates primary sources in a meaningful way. 

3. After completing your lesson plan, save the file to your computer.

4. Submit your completed "Lesson 7, Activity 1 - Lesson Plan" to jbee@ilstu.edu as an attachment.

If you need help with this activity, please contact Judy Bee (jbee@ilstu.edu).

The web site listed below may be helpful if you want ideas or to see sample lesson plans that integrate primary resources.

Sample Lesson Plans



*If you don't want your lesson plan to go public, please send us an e-mail message stating so.